Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are Aliens Real?

People are always looking curiously on things that can’t be explained according to their knowledge. That is the nature of human race. Also they pretend to believe and worship on those strange things. They think it’s some kind of god or holy thing. This nature is visible in the modern days. That’s why people still worship trees, god and strange places.

In my opinion, there are lots of things that can’t be explained through theories of science. There are things beyond sensitivity levels of humans. People sometimes have known them as Ghosts, God etc... I believe they are real. But this is not the topic to talk about them. 

Origins of modern humans have a very short history of ten million years. They have overcome through numerous challenges to come to the position that they have now. But there are things that cannot be explained in the human history. Great examples are ancient pyramids in Egypt. Also there are great examples in Sir Lanka like Sigiriya and Mirisavetiya Dageba that is only second to Pyramids of Egypt. The technologies of creating those things cannot be explained even in the 21st century. 


 Mirisawetiya Dageba                                  Sigiriya

Here is a real footage of Sri Lanka captured in 8th October 2008 at Dimbulagala area in Polonnaruwa District

These things urge us to concern about extraterrestrial intelligence that helped our ancestors to build those master class creations. Everything is possible in this small world. According to various philosophies and religions, they have explained about life in outer space. The great explanations are given on the Buddhism.


According to those explanations existence of extraterrestrials can be there in the space. Even among us. 

These are objects caught by Mars Curiosity, that can’t be explainable 

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